Life is weird

Playing at the pond

A pond is all it takes

We have twins, who are almost 10. They are in a transitional phase, where somethings from childhood are being left behind and some adult stuff is coming in. Those things are not constant, sometimes you hear some very mature comments which are followed by some child fantasy. Fun times, for sure.

These changes, associated with recently turning to 40, have been giving me a lot of food for thought. So many things have we gone through, so many to come. My body isn’t at the peak anymore. I remember when I worked 16 hours per day, no more than 6 hours of sleep and was always ready to rock! Or being able to have a full time job, a side job, getting a masters degree while having two newborns at home. Proud of being able to do so much, but those days are gone. How much has changed in 10 years.

Kids enjoying racket sports

Tennis players, squash rackets

When young, we have all ahead of us. All strength, all convictions. You know everything, you can do anything. And we put ourselves to build our lives. Then we get married and have children. A ton of responsibility. It all change in the blink of an eye. There are people depending on you for almost everything. You need to give the best education, best values, best examples. We are the heros, we cannot fail them! We don’t even have time to think what could happen, we do what you have to.

Then they grow up. They get to be smarter than you, stronger than you. They are able to make their choices, we just need to trust them to do the best ones. They are full of hopes, full of dreams, everything seems possible. On the other hand, our dreams are either fulfilled or abandoned. Our hope is more modest, showing the wrinkles of the experience of what is actually possible. We have a stable carrer, for good or bad. If it has been successful, we have resources to enjoy life. If not, we have adjusted to the possibilities and we keep life going on.

The weird thing about our life history is that we wish we could have it all. Imagine growing old and having even more strength, energy, dreams than when you were young? All the experience, knowledge, wisdom, resources and power? How awesome would it be?

All the history in one look

Old man, looking at his past

Yes, I just realize why things are better as they are. So the youth can admire their olds, their wisdom, their vision. The old can respect the new generation, as they are the ones who can actually make their dreams real. This way neither the past nor the future is better. Let’s enjoy the present. It is when life is happening.

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