When your plans fail

The "future" doesn't care about your plans

When your plans just ignore you

Every year I send a letter to myself through . Last year I was very fortunate to receive this letter from the past. It was amazing how everything I planned has worked well.

Unfortunately, it is not always the case. This year I received this one…

Dear FutureMe,

Ii expect that by this time everybody there is already fluent in English.

You might have been promoted and leading a challenging project.

This year, your birthday party will have some locals, some of them you’ll already consider friends.

Have you lost weight as you wanted? 180lbs, right?

It is scary in the heights

Rafael jumping in the heights

It was quite a shock to realize none of my wishes has come true. It feels like I’ve wasted one year and that is scary.

What to do then? Nothing special. Just evaluate, adjust, plan again.

Great idea

Take it easy and move on

The whole point is to never give up.

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