Tears, Hugs and Silence

Crying is disturbing. We feel something in our throat, our eyes shine. We try to hold it back, try to swallow but the tears start to flow down through through the face. Tears are the words of a broken heart. We feel ashamed of crying in public as crying is a weakness signal. When there is no option, when there is no more energy, when there is no hope, that is when there are tears. While we can we scream, fight, kick. When nothing else is left, we cry. It is the vulnerability certificate.

Hugs are the words of a friendly heart. We hug the ones dear to us. We hug to celebrate, we hug to give consolation. The gesture messages “we are together”, either in good or bad times. It doesn’t change the circumstances but assures us of not being by ourselves. Whether we are at the top or at the bottom, when we pause our journey, we look around searching for hugs. Those are the valuable hugs.

Silence speaks loud when hugs met tears. There is no word because they carry no meaning anymore. What matter are those who we can hug and who would lovely dry our tears away. Words worth very little in face of those who we love. Their presence is what we need in order to be able to carry on when our path goes through narrow and rocky roads.

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