Without realizing, they hosted angels

He’ve been living in California for almost 4 months and in this short period we’ve being blessed to have friends visiting from Brazil 3 times. We’ve had several dinner parties and some barbecues. If we count every visitor we would pass 40 people! There is people arriving in the next month and we expect to have more for Christmas and New Year. One may say that it would be too much. Would it?

Even before we got married we had this dream. Once in a while I try to identify when it started and then I remember the stories Carina tells about her Gramma, who used to host beggars, feed and cloth them. Her mother, a little more restrained, keeps her house always full of relatives, temporary residents, acquaintances from the country side who need a place to stay during medical treatment in the city. Don’t forget the visitors during meals, which are always plentiful.

By all means this has become a familiar tradition. Some friends like to say Carina knows how to host, that she makes people feel at home. Others say that our house is like candy, everyone likes it. Be it the reason, it is common to have friends at our place. We see it as a privilege which is essential to our family.

Back in time our son Rafael asked us: “Who will be over today?” It is so usual to have visitors that it was surprising to him we were preparing something for the 4 of us. We always desired that our house could be a resting place, where people could come over, feel accepted, listened and blessed. Or it could be just to have a fun, happy and relaxed time. Be it the reason, you are very welcome.

Of course there is a price for all that. Every time someone is coming Carina meticulously prepares the house for the event. We run after the menu, ingredients, preparation, anything need to make our visitor to enjoy his stay with us and share of the best we have. By the end we have the task of cleaning up. More then the job, afterwards we have the good feeling of having served and the good deed realization which feeds our motivation. Tiredness? Yes. Satisfaction, oh, no doubt.

(try to count how many closed eyes in this picture…)

People come to our house for many reasons. During 2010 we hosted a weekly couple meeting. Usually visitors aren’t that regular, we could say they rarely repeat themselves. Some take advantage of vacations and come to share their free time with us. Others need a place to stay in the middle of their journey. Others come out of their ways to give us a hug. Some come to a get together around the grill. Parties, birthdays, Christmas and New Years!  Others just come to say how they miss us and get back, leaving our heart filled with good memories.

The best of all this is that we always grow on each of this experiences. We always learn something, always win a treasure. Each and everyone who comes to our house leaves behind a little part of himself, of his joys, his pains, his burdens, his struggles and his victories. Each of them leaves behind an example, a word, an advise or a smile. All of them are truly missed.

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