Saturday at Great America

When I was a kid, I loved to watch a tv show called “Sunday at the park”. It was funny that name as there was nothing related to park in the show. It was intriguing to watch Sunday at the park on the sofa. The entertainment industry sells a dinner and delivers a cold pizza.

Today we had nothing planned in our schedule, besides taking the dog for some shot, grooming and training enrollment. Maybe after this training it will improve the behavior. After the 1 blown tire and other 3 flats, no one asked me for a bike trail. I suggested that we went to 

 and there we went.

It surprised me. Not begin as famous or pompous as the first grade parks (


) I ditn’t have that much of expectation even though I had heard good things about it. It is a relatively big park, a respectable variety of rides, good enough to keep us busy for the whole afternoon. The boys, not used to physical effort, soon asked for some relief.

I almost got sick just after the first roller coaster.  I didn’t realize that after the two loops there were some 3 twists and spinning around a small radius. It turned around and I got some blue. Nevertheless, I bravely resisted and tried my best to enjoy all the 5 rides we went on.

The boys had a great time. It is very funny how the fear just before getting in the ride gives place to pledges of “let’s do it again” just before leaving the seats. Adrenalin intoxicates.

When the time comes,  you even forget of breathing. The thing here is to defy gravity (under all security measures) and believe you are about to die. The fear overcomes you just before the relief, accompanied of shakes, brought by the end of the ride. It must be very good to fight stress.

The lakes and gardens bring some contrast. I wish it was all calm like that…

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