Up hill, against the wind

I was given my first bike when I was 4. Since then I’ve got several bikes on which I’ve rode quite a lot. I’ve been through dangers and risky situations, sometimes falling and getting hurt. Nevertheless, I had only one serious situation and it happened on my first bike. I barely remember how it happened, but my brother was with me on my bike and his toe got stuck in the chain. It was dramatic but he received good medical care and no permanent harm took place, thanks God.

I’ve learned some lessons during my bike rides. We lived on top of a hill, so every time I went for a ride, I had at least on mile down hill, which was always very pleasant. This was always the first thing I thought when jumping on the bike: the wind, the speed, the smooth path ahead of me. My rides used to be long ones, two, three, four hours. I think the main reason I was so keen to long rides was the way back home. I dreaded the up hill I’d have to face to reach home and tried, by the dumbest means, to avoid it. At some point, I had to face it.

I now am trying to teach my kids the bike pleasures. Differently than me, instead of riding bikes at 4 they were surfing the net. Every weekend I hook the bikes on our car and we go to some trail under 1 hour driving distance. Sometimes the trail has long up hills and they hate it, other times it is free of trees and the hard sun is the main cause of complaints. Today I was lucky and picked Coyote Creek Trail which is a very pleasant trail. Lots of trees provided a cool temperature for our ride.

These rides frequently provide an amazing family time. We enjoy ourselves and it is very fun to watch the kids while they take pictures and play with each other. Today, just at the beginning of the trail, Gabriel asked to stop to take a picture of a beautiful lake. I’d have a picture of it here if I hadn’t forgotten my camera…

As much funs as it is, riding a bike has its difficulties. You get tired and sweat, sometimes hungry and thirsty. It pays off, but you need to look beyond the hardships. As almost everything in life, riding a bike requires effort and dedication.

At this point you might have realized that I’m using the bike riding thing as a metaphor. Our lives, your life, is like riding a bike. Sometimes you ignore the way back and enjoy a long, steep down hill. Other times you are afraid of the wind or the up hill and try is to get of the bike.

Living is not easy, not always pleasant, but if you keep the pace, you’ll reap the benefits. Enjoy the ride, leverage the fun moments, take time with your family, pay attention to the candid moments, smile and work hard.

At the end, the smile is the payoff.

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