A Special Couple

Yesterday we’ve attended ato barbecue at Daniele and Márcio’s house. Since this was the first time ever they’ve invited us for a barbecue it was funny name it a farewell barbecue. The farewll, of course, is to us who are moving out of country in two weeks.

Daniele is Carina’s cousin and Márcio is a dear friend. Even before they got married we were already friends and hung out all the time. At that time, hung out just meant to invite someone to dine at your house as we didn’t have money to go out.

They are this kind of made for each other couples. Daniele, lawyer, is very argumentative and has plenty of explanations for everything. Márcio, architect, is a quiet guy, nice to talk, never arguing. It is very funny to watch them together, even more when some polemic subject comes up.

What we can tell for sure is that we can always count on them. We’ve been friends for more than 17 years and they’ve always been there for us. The invitation for this happy barbecue has a farewell taste attached to it. It is not that farewell and happiness goes together, but we never miss the opportunity of partying. We really appreciate all the love and attention.

As Dani always complains this blog has plenty of pictures of friends but she, who is not only a friend but also a relative, should be more present. Of course she is right and I’m ammending it here.

The food was great and the party even better. Other relatives come from the country to make the moment even more valuable.

As it happened I did not take many pictures, what is a bummer. I’m prepared for the complaints…

Andréia, her sister, is an amazing person. Smiley, works hard on the hospital in Manhuaçu. Very attentive to her pacients she over works. It is always a pleasure to chat with her. I wish we had more time.

As in any good party, there was no lack of children. They had the time of their life messing around.

There was a line of proud parents asking for family pictures. Unfortunately my lens was defective and it was only giving good focus in the center of the pictures. Good think it was covered in the warranty.

In the eyes of my brother in law we realize our time is coming. Let’s enjoy as much as possible while we can!!!

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