Juggling with kids

Being a parent is like facing a new challenge everyday. Sometimes you think it is going to be easier as they grow up, but that is not my case.
When they were little, there was a lot of work involved in taking proper care of them. We had to think about how much food they should be given, how often diapers should be changed, how to discover the reason behind a cry. Was it that something hurt? Was the baby asking for attention? Were we spoiling them? One will never know for sure.
At some point, they discover the ability to walk. In the immediate second after it, they conclude that walk is for the weak. What is really cool is to run. And they run all the time, in all directions, picking up anything they are able to reach for. When you go after the first one, the second one starts to insert the finger in some outlet. You are grateful when they finally go to sleep. You would be even more grateful if they didn’t take turns and had a long sleep at the same time.
Faster than you can keep track of, time goes by. Soon enough they are able to ride a bike by themselves, implying that you should regularly carry them and the bikes to the parks. There is no one to help putting and taking out the bikes from the trunk. Trying to fit two bikes in a small trunk really pisses me off.
And they also learn how to read. Once it happens, they start to ask smart questions. Some not so smart, but very hard to answer. They start to question you for working too much, for not playing enough, for forcing them to eat the food which is not good, for not letting them do what they want, even though adults have all the freedom.
Yesterday I had to face the hardest question they usually throw at me. Dad, do you want to play with me now? This one hurts. It hurts because I understand that behind it lies a kid who misses his dad. It doesn’t matter what game we would play, I could even choose anything that pleases me. He is not interested in what we can do, but in being together.
Usually this question arises when I’m focused on getting something done. It hurts because my kids are better focused than me. They are focused in doing something with someone they love.
I need to come up with a good answer to that question.

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