Yearly Archives: 2011

Long days, short years

While we are alive, we dream. We all long of better days, days of happiness, of peace, of success. […]

A Culture inside the other

Yesterday we took a brazilian couple who is visiting us to walk in San Francisco Chinatown. The cultural […]

This phase lasts forever

About 8 years ago, I can remember as if it had happened yesterday, a friend told me: “You […]

Up hill, against the wind

I was given my first bike when I was 4. Since then I’ve got several bikes on which […]

Fun in a hurry

We just said good bye to our friends and who stayed with us for the last 15 days, […]

The pain of distance

We’re halfway between Belo Horizonte and Miami, 3am. I’m still struggling to get some sleep on the American […]

A Special Couple

Yesterday we’ve attended ato barbecue at Daniele and Márcio’s house. Since this was the first time ever they’ve […]

Juggling with kids

Being a parent is like facing a new challenge everyday. Sometimes you think it is going to be […]